The Hippest Vintage and Antique Jewelry Around! From incredible retro earrings to stunning designer necklaces there is something for every taste here!

I grew up around vintage jewelry. My mother had always been a collector and there has always been a room in our house filled with boxes and boxes of great pieces. Now that I've gotten older I have developed a respect and love for these pieces and wanted a way to share this new-found love with everyone!
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding any of the pieces here or just drop a line and say hello!  I enjoy engaging with my clients and helping them find the perfect jewelry that speaks to them and lets their personality shine through!
I am continuously acquiring incredible pieces from estates across the country and internationally.  I am more than happy to keep an eye out for specific pieces that my clients are looking for to complete (or start!) their collection.  Contact me to discuss any special pieces you may be looking for!
Most of all have fun perusing The Hillbilly Hipster.  I have curated the shop with only the pieces that I absolutely love and I hope that you will love them too!

- Jeremy
The Hillbilly Hipster

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