Being Margaret Thatcher is trendy again! 2017 is the year of iron ladies and, most importantly, the must-have accessories, brooches. There is no iron lady without a brooch, don’t you agree? If you’ve never been a  fan, give it a try this season, you might be surprised by the effect a  small accessory can make. 


#1. On the Shirt

One of the ways of wearing a brooch this year was presented by Versace,  who chose a very practical way indeed – just pin it onto the shirt and  let’s go have fun! It’s fast, easy and comfortable. Your special  accessory will always be visible at your first hello and you will never  accidentally lose it (just look down now and then to check if it’s still  there). This is also one of the most feminine and classic ways of  handling a brooch. There is nothing edgy about it, but the tradition  still inspires. 

#2. On the Collar

Rochas  also introduced brooches this year, but instead of simply pinning it  onto the shirt, it went up to the collar. Rocha’s bejeweled accessories  for summer 2016 made the news for its beauty and uniqueness; go ahead  and replicate this sophisticated style! This style fits perfectly into  the office of the 21st century. Pick the right shirt with a suiting  collar; remember that shirts are all different.

#3. On the Blazer Lapels

The classics are never outdated. This season Michael Kors  brought back the brooches on the blazer lapels, whether your accessory  has a special meaning or it’s just a fashion statement, this way of  pinning your brooch will never get old. You can be careful, you’ll never  look weird viewing back at your past pictures in the future! However,  you might actually receive a lot of questions on the political parties  or the constitution. Why? Because that’s probably your party coat of  arms on your collar, isn’t it? In fact, women can pick much bigger sizes  than men do these days. The more dramatic the design is, the more  unforgettable your outfit will be. Make sure the fabric can hold the  weight of a big brooch.

#4. Around Your Neckline

You  know your neckline is in the center of the attention. You know it well.  So, what if we add another delicate detail to it! We adore brooches on  V-necks (although other necklines will also work), just make sure to  keep the balance and pick the right side (right or left?).

#5. Skirts, Jackets… Find the Right Spot

Jackets  are so detailed, which is why they also have wonderful spots for the  summer 2016 trend of brooches to brighten up the mood a little. If you  found a very small but powerful brooch accessory, you can even take a  risk and pin it in the back of the jacket, right above the ruffles (if  your jacket has any). We hope that brooch is not a special one though,  otherwise you will never notice how it gets lost. This will level down  your neutral look at the office, and might present you more feminine  than you want to seem, so use cautiously.

#6. Draw the Waistline

If  your dress has a special detail on the waistline, go ahead and pin the  brooch around it. Belts both on blouses and dresses work very well too!  The brooch steals the attention from other body parts and concentrates  the main target on the waistline. If you pick the right shape, you can  even accentuate curves, where they need to be in the spotlight.

#7. Hold the Scarf

One  of the most common uses is pinning brooches on scarves. This method has  always been used by both older and younger generations. No matter how  well you wear the scarf, it always manages to flee like a free spirit.  Add a reliable brooch and you will not only walk safely, but will also  look like you just stepped down the global catwalk. Once you master the  skills here, we can talk about scarves in general.

#8. The Hat Bling

Brooches  can also go on the hat! It never got old, did it? And when hats meet  brooches, something magical happens in the air. The movement of your  head will always make the accessory shine, catching the rays of the  light and coordinating the party attention.

#9. Swimsuits & Beachwear

The  most unexpectable way of wearing the 2016 accessory trend of brooches  is on the swimwear… you can add a brooch to your beach outfit,  especially if there is a beach part in the evening. The difference  between the swimsuit and the glamsuit can be just one – a very small  brooch. Be careful wearing brooches here. The fabric stands very tightly  on your skin, so be warned not to hurt yourself with fashion. This same  trend will look beautiful on your other beachwear. Whatever you decide,  please skip the towel, as that will look more than advertising.

#10. Handle Your Bag

Whether  it’s the bag or the handle, you need to handle that bag with grace and  elegance. Do you feel bad opening holes on that super-expensive Dolce  & Gabbana bag? Add a piece of breathtaking fabric to the back and  base your brooch on it.

And  you thought brooches are for the older generation! Remember, the best  fashion trends always find their way to come back into our wardrobes.  Remember, beautiful is what makes us feel beautiful. Brooches are some  of the most feminine fashion accessories in 2017. Get classy with us,  wear brooches!